Wireless Remote Control Air Conditioned Jacket Fan

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1. Specifications

Product name: OB1912-5 Appearance size: 139X105X50mm Storage environment: 25°+-5% Product quality (g) battery voltage: 7.40V battery capacity; (2600mAh X2) sdv

2. Working principle

Air-conditioning clothing is equipped with DC ventilation fans on both sides of the back and hem of the clothing. The internal battery control board drives the motor to drive the fan blades to rotate, and the outside air is sent to the human body and the clothing interlayer through the air outlet, and the human body sweat and heat are absorbed by the outside world. After the fresh air enters, it vaporizes and evaporates, and is discharged from the neckline cuffs, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the human body.

3. Use environment

This product is suitable for farmland orchard work, construction sites, outdoor operations, bazaars and other environments, as well as areas that cannot be covered by large cooling equipment and environments where other cooling equipment cannot be used.

4.  operating instructions

1. Pairing instructions: Long press the remote control fan body reset learning switch button for 2 seconds, the red LED indicator lights up, and at the same time press the remote control button for 2 seconds, wait for the remote control fan reset learning switch LED light to go out, the pairing is successful. 2. Installation instructions: unscrew the cover (air inlet net) of the remote control fan body as shown in the figure, and put it into the window installation part of the clothes, the air inlet net to the outside of the clothes, the fan body to the inside of the clothes and then tighten it with the fan body Fix it on the window opening of the clothes to complete the installation. 3. Start-stop shifting instructions: long press the remote control button for 2 seconds and the red LED indicator of the remote control flashes to turn on. At this time, the fan is working in the low gear position, press the remote control for 1 second, the red LED flashes again, and the fan works in the middle gear again. Press the remote control button for 1 second, the fan works at high-end, each time you click for 1 second to switch the gear cycle, long press the remote control for 2 seconds to shut down. 4. Special reminder: For wireless remote control products, due to different use environments, they will be interfered with by the external magnetic length of the remote control.

5. Charging instructions

This product uses 8.4V 1.5A one with two remote controls, the charging port is DC3.5x1.35, plug the charger input into the mains AC220V, and the output DC into the fan. The charger red LED indicator lights up, indicating that it is charging After the charging is completed, the red LED indicator of the charger turns from red to green, and the charging is completed. 5. Parameter table of wireless remote control air-conditioning clothing: Gear output power speed usage time 50% lower 1.3W 5000/min 12h Medium 80% 2.0W 4200/min 9h High 100% 2.6W 2800/min 6h Charging time The charging time of a pair of fans is about 4-6H Standby time This product has a slight standby power consumption. It is recommended to charge it every 60 days when it is not in use.

6. Matters needing attention:

1. This product contains lithium ion batteries, please do not throw this product into fire. 2. The use of this product is far away from gas stations, gasification stations, fireworks and firecrackers, and it is forbidden to use it in flammable and explosive places. 3. Please take care to keep the remote control when using this product, once it is lost, it cannot be used. 4. If the remote control fails and the fan is out of sync when using this product, the battery power of the remote control may be weakened and need to be replaced according to the original specifications. 5. This product is forbidden to be used in rainy days, please pay attention to the entry of rainwater. 6. This product is forbidden to be used by children under 14 years old. 7. Please use this product's own charger for charging, and it is prohibited to use other types of chargers for charging. wire (1) wire (2) wire (3) wire (4) wire (5) wire (6) wire (7) wire (8)

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