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The Core Series Heated Insoles are about more than toasty toes. They are ergonomically designed to give support, have a gel cushion heel for extra comfort and able to be fitted easily into most shoes and boots. Their thin, rechargeable, integrated battery means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them or dealing with cables to an exterior battery pack. Feet need good breathability for comfort and health. Our insoles are designed with ventilation holes across the whole insole for optimal air and heat distribution. You can choose between 3 different temperature levels easily operated with a remote control. With multiple and easy charging options, these insoles couldn’t be more convenient, unless they did the walking for you. Hunters spend long periods of time outdoors, with many participating year-round, not just when the weather is warm. Winter hunters can easily suffer from the dreaded foot condition known as popsicle toes. The freezing of their feet due to cold temperatures, as well as subjecting them to snow, rain and sleet can be painful. Cold feet can lead to issues such as poor circulation, compromised function (which can increase physical injury), and in extreme cases, frostbite. While you can wear thick boots and layers of thermal socks, sometimes even these won’t help when you are ankle deep in winter.Thankfully you can invest in a pair of heated insoles for your outdoor footwear, which can provide long hours of warmth inside your boot to combat the long hours of cold outside it. These insoles come in a variety of models to safely keep your toes toasty in the most bitter of climates. With battery operated options, USB charging, and even app control, these insoles have come a long way technologically. If you want something that is more environmentally friendly, there are all-natural options as well. Our article below provides you all the essential information to figure out which are the best heated insoles for your hunting adventures. Thins to Consider Before Buying While heated insoles perform the same function, they all do it in their own unique way. Here are some things you should be looking out for when shopping for foot warmers.

Material Construction

What the insole is made out of will make a difference, not only in the level of comfort they afford you, but their function as well. Some models use a full orthotic insole that will give you good arch support, a stable heel, and high-quality cushioning. This type is heated insole is not as common, as it is meant to fully replace the insole your boot comes with. Most heated insoles are slim, only providing a thin strip of EVA foam to stand on. While this provides a bit of cushioning, it’s main function is to act as a barrier that protects the heating element. There are also all-natural insoles that are a bit thicker, and feel more like you are standing on a bed of sand due to the materials that are used.

Heating Element

This is where most heated insoles differ from each other. The majority of them will have a heating element built into the insole itself, so you can use them straight out the box. The heating element can be in a localized area (usually under the forefoot), or can be the full length of the insole, which provides wider coverage. These electric elements can be made with copper wiring, or far infrared radiation (FIR) strips. Both provide excellent heat distribution. Heated insoles that you get a lot more use from them. Good for hundreds of charges and years of use, they last longer the more you use them, and can provide heat for an entire day. In order for them to reach peak performance, they should be cycled 3-5 times when you first use them. With mAh ratings between 1400 and 3000, these batteries have a lot of juice in them, as well as multiple settings that can control their temperature output. Some models have the battery built into the heel of the insole, and are rechargeable via USB. These usually come with a USB charging block and dual cable so you can simultaneously charge both insoles. The charging block can also be swapped out for a car charging adapter, or power bank, giving you added flexibility to charge anywhere you are. There are also battery powered insoles that house the rechargeable battery in a pouch on your ankle, and connect it with a wire to the base of the insole.


Battery operated insoles will allow you to choose different levels of heat – usually with a low, medium, and high setting – to keep your feet warm. This not only gives you flexibility, but longevity as well. For insoles with an ankle battery, you can just reach down and change the setting or turn them off completely. Insoles that have the battery built into the heel may come with a key fob remote for cycling through the outputs, and powering on and off. There are even some models that have app control via Bluetooth so you can easily control the temperature of your feet.

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